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International Legends of Diving

Held annually in Bowling Green, Ohio, United States, since 2006, the International Legends of Diving has attracted notable diving legends such as Nick Icorn, Alec Peirce, Zale Parry, Dr. Sam Miller, Dr. A. Jose Jones, Dave Woodward, Robert Croft, Dottie Frazier, Dr. John Clement, Ollie Ferguson, Ben Rose, Neal Watson, John Englander, Nick Rolle, and Dan Orr.

These legends of diving have shaped the history of diving and helped inspire others to ensure its future. The first offshore event was held in the Caribbean on Grand Bahama Island in 2009. Since then the event has been held two times annually in Bowling Green, OH the first weekend in August and offshore in April. Jeff Rice, principal of both Portage Quarry and the ILD, is helping to capture the history of diving and present these legends to the world.

Our Mission

It is our mission to preserve the history of diving and present
these legends to the diving community in the hope that their
passion and dedication will inspire the next generation of legends.

Legends and their Biographies

Featured on this website are the following legends,
click on their image for the full biography.

Conrad Limbaugh

Jim Stewart

Al Tillman

Bev Morgan

Bob Meistrell

Dan Orr

Dottie Frazier

Barbara Allen

Robert Croft

John McLaughlin

Nick Icorn

Dr. Glen Egstrom

Alec Peirce

Dr. Sam Miller

Hugh Bradner - Inventer of the Wet Suit

Andy Rechnitzer

Zale Parry

Dr. Jos� Jones

Bill Beard

Jeremiah Sullivan

Joe Strykowski

Leon Lyons

George Purifoy

Ray McAllister

Robert J. Shourot - Engineer of the Nuclear Reactor Dive System

Robert J. Shourot

Bob Rajner

Neal Watson

Brendal Stevens

Ben Rose

Dr. John Clement

Dave Woodward

Ollie Ferguson

Robert Farrelly

Chuck Burns

John Englander

Dick Clarke

Charles Hepp

Keith Cooper

Cristina Zenato

Curt Chapman

Bob Thompson

Hugh Sprunt

Nick Rolle

Hugh Bradner - Inventer of the Wet Suit

Hugh Bradner

Harry Ruscigno

Sergio Vizcaino

Mel Fisher - Treasure Hunter and First California Dive Sop Owner

Mel Fisher

Sam Davison Jr, Founder and President of DACOR

Sam Davison Jr

Mike Nelson

Dick Bonin

Harry Vetter

Robert Olson

Valerie van Heest

Victor G. Worst

Ram? Bravo Freediver and Photographer Buceo y Fot?rafo en Mexico

Ramon Bravo

Ram? Bravo Freediver and Photographer Buceo y Fot?rafo en Mexico

A. F. Carrascosa

Dr. Sam Miller IV

Manuel Lazcano

Chuck Blakeslee

Chuck Nicklin

Joe Liburdi

Dr 'Cuau' Sanchez

Dr Dario G�mez

Ricou Browning Actor, Film Producer, Director, "The Gill Man"

Ricou Browning

Commander Francis Douglas Fane One of the Originators of UDT Demolitions

Doug Fane

Gustav Dalla Valle: Co-Founder of SCUBAPRO

Gustav Dalla Valle

Ed Cargile - Research Diver

Ed Cargile

David Trotter - Great Lakes Shipwreck Explorer

David Trotter

Gardner Young - First Nassau Diving Company

Gardner Young


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