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Peter Hughes
Father and Legend of Live-Aboard of Diving

every Board of Director member at Disney. Three weeks later shark fin soup was off the menu at Disney! Hughes modestly refuses to claim this victory as his sole doing, but the timing certainly indicates that his impassioned efforts did indeed pay off.

In 2008, Peter sold Peter Hughes Diving, as well as his fleet, to Wayne Works, Inc, but stayed in their employ as President of the company until 2010, when he resigned to pursue personal interests of his own. At that time, Hughes formed DivEncounters, Inc and took over marketing/operational management of the M/V Galapagos Sky after the owner terminated his contract with the Dancer Fleet & Wayne Works Inc. The M/V Sky Dancer is now the M/V Galapagos Sky and is no longer affiliated with the Dancer Fleet.

Recently, in 2011, Peter formed The DivEncounters Alliance, an alliance of independently owned and operated live-aboard vessels representing some of the finest and most experienced live-aboard operators in the world today. The alliance enables these independently owned live-aboard operators to pool resources while the public gains various perks for repeated bookings on boats within the alliance.

When asked recently what drives him today, Peter recalled that when he first started out as a young dive instructor, his motivation was merely to teach as many kids to scuba dive as possible. During his years in Bonaire, with the influence of his wife and partner Alice, he desired to help more women enjoy the dive experience. Having achieved both of those goals, his focus has shifted yet again towards the preservation of the underwater environment. This desire was evident in Peter's heart as far back as his early days in Bonaire, but as he has personally witnessed the rapid destruction of the ocean, his passion to preserve and protect has grown accordingly and guides his path daily.

Peter Hughes can rightly be called “The Father and Legend of the Live-Aboards,” but it is very clear that his life and work are not limited to those titles. Peter's ongoing efforts to help protect our treasured, threatened oceans will no doubt continue to play a great role in his life's legacy.

(International Legends of Diving would like to thank Peter and Alice Hughes for their contribution to this biography, both in content and pictures.)

Below is a list of just some of the awards Hughes has received over the years:

1993 Platinum Pro Selection 1993 Skin Diver Responsible Diver Award 1990's Member of Padi International Association Advisory Committee 2000's-Present Member of REEF Advisory Committee 2000 Diver of the Year-Beneath the Sea—for Environmental Contributions 2000 Medal of Excellence-Beneath the Sea 2002 Appreciation Award for first(and only) Recompression Chamber installation in the Galapagos Island 2010 REEF Recognition Award for Environmental contributions 2011 DEMA Reaching Out Award 2012 PADI 35 Year Recognition Certificate—OWSI 6423

*Peter Hughes is no longer affiliated with Peter Hughes Diving, Inc (now known as the Dancer Fleet).

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