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John Chatterton
Renowned Wreck Diver: The Shadow Diver

John Chatterton
We all might have our favorite TV detective, but for the underwater community there is no one person who stands out more than John Chatterton. And to earn that distinction it is not a matter of what has he done, but what hasn’t he accomplished in the discovery and research of the wrecks that are scattered on the floor of the oceans, seas and lakes.
Chatterton has explored everything from Hitler’s lost sub to the Titanic in MIR submersibles. That which remains are explorations on the list of What’s What in wreck diving. With all these accomplishments behind him, there is still more in the seas to discover and explore. Currently he is working with the government of the Dominican Republic to document and salvage ships of the colonial era.
In casual observance Chatterton has been on expeditions on the SS Andrea Dorea, RMS Lusitania, HMHS Britannic and the MV Stuma. His dives over the years have been more than casual.
But his most notable documented discovery was the German submarine U-869, Hitler’s lost sub off the shores of New Jersey.  The subsequent dives have been part of the Sea Detectives TV series, a PBS Nova series, a New York Times best-selling book and has had the movie rights purchased by 20th Century Fox.

These accomplishments were regaled in the book Shadow Diver, the account written by Robert Kurson. Shadow Diver has been published in 21 languages and distributed as an audio book. Chatterton is currently working with Kurson on a second book.

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