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Brendal James Stevens
Promoter of Turtle Key and Bahama Tourism

Brendal James Stevens

Brendal James Stevens was born on Acklins Island and grew up with the love of nature, ocean, sailing and the environment. He started working in Tourism in 1964 at the age of 16, and for 41 years Brendal has dedicated his life's work to Tourism in the Bahamas.

For the past 36 years, Brendal's professional work in Tourism envelops the development of a facility for attractions and tours for visitors to the Bahamas and his personal efforts include Adventure Tours and Attractions, Water Sports, Environment Programs for the coral reefs and oceans, Educational courses and events for all Abaco regattas to promote harmony and growth in both Tourism and the economy.

Brendal has been featured on film, television shows, magazines, travel features, documentaries and tourism material for the promotion of tours and services in the Bahamas. He has touched world-wide audiences on CNN Travel, ESPN, Discovery Channel, Outdoor Journal, Unique Cuisine, Ming's Quest on the Fine Living Channel, British TV "Wish You Were There?, Gourmet Magazines both U.S. and Australia publications, Caribbean Travel, Abaco Life (numerous times), and most recent AAA Magazine, the Jan/Feb 2008 issue, for his Adventure Specialty Tours that he has developed " Wild Dolphin Encounters, Snorkel & Dive Reef Trip with fresh seafood prepared on an uninhabited island, (Hand Feed the Stingrays Day).

Brendal's involvement with the Scuba courses - Discover/Try Scuba, Open Water Diver Course and Open Water Diver Referral Courses - have been featured in television shows, on the internet, and in the magazines mentioned earlier. Kayak Services & Tours, Sailing Cruise on the Sea of Abaco with fresh Seafood prepared on the beach day, snorkel and glass bottom reef trips, island hopping tours and trips and Scuba Certification programs are only a few that he has been working with promoting educational courses.

From 1978 to present, Brendal has been involved with training young Bahamians in water sports, education, training standards and safety in his internship program. His both male and female former students are now professionals working in the Bahamian tourism industry teaching and guiding others on the islands of Andros, Abaco, Grand Bahama and Nassau.

In 1993, Brendal was awarded the "Platinum Pro Instructor 5000 Award?, for his educational commitment and contribution in teaching over 5000 students. This is a special award of distinction that only 150 elite Scuba Instructors worldwide had been awarded to that date in the Scuba diving world wide industry.

He has also been awarded the Bahamas Cacique Award for Sustainable Tourism which is the first one received in the Bahamas Cacique.

In 1997, for the first All Abaco (Bahamian Sloops) Regatta, Brendal sponsored the Class A and Class C race with cash prizes. The years 1994-2004, he served on the race committee board in helping organizing the races and donated both his time and vessel for the races.

In 2003, with The Reef Relief Foundation, Brendal donated his time and worked with the foundation in the installation process for identifying the appropriate locations for the 18 mooring buoys in this program. He also donated one of his vessels, all the dive equipment needed along with a dive guide for the help with this project. The attraction not only protects our reefs, it brings thousands of visitors each year to the Bahamas. Because of this mooring program, the coral reefs and the environment will have an added protection for years to come.

As the owner of Brendal's Dive Center, and as an instructor, Brendal holds the following International Accreditations and Certifications:

  • Scuba Schools International Training Facility

  • P.A.D.I. International Resort Association

  • Scuba Diving International Training Facility

Universal Referral Locations:

  • N.A.U.I

  • S.S.I

  • N.A.S.D.S

  • Y.M.C.A.

  • P.D.I.C

  • DAN Business Member

  • Open Water Instructor

  • Advanced Open Water Instructor

Specialty Instructor for:

  • Navigation

  • Equipment Specialist

  • Boat Diver

  • Underwater Photo

  • Stress & Rescue

  • Instructor for Dive Control Specialist for Dive Master and Assistant Instructor for diving professionals

  • Oxygen Provider Instructor

  • Instructor for Adult First Aid & CPR National Safety Council

  • Instructor for Adult First Aid and CPR Rite

  • Master Captain License and Sailing Instructor

  • STCW 95 License

  • Director of the Board of Bahamas Diving Association.

Through the tour and activities and adventure packages Brendal has developed, he has been able to teach, guide, and bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Bahamas and pass along the love of the ocean with the respect of the environment to the very unique destination we call the Bahamas.

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