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Bob Meistrell
Founder of Body Glove

What does the Los Angeles County Underwater Dive License 0001 do on his 80th birthday" Bob Meistrell went diving, he turned 80 on July 3, 2008.


Bob founded Body Glove with his twin brother Bill in 1953 and produced the first practical dive suit. The two were just 25 that year, 13 years after they first got the diving bug in Booneville, Missouri, when they fashioned a diving bell for an underwater excursion in a local pond. In their teens they moved to Manhattan Beach in California before founding Body Glove. Body Glove currently produces a line of swim wear, Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) and wet suits, as well as many other products for surfers and divers. Following an illustrious career for both, they were inducted into the surfing and diving Hall of Fame. Bill passed away in June of 2006.





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