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Ramón Bravo
Freediver and Photographe
Buceo y Fotógrafo en Mexico

Ramón Bravo, one of Mexico's most famous divers, is possibly best known for photographing Tiger Sharks sleeping on the ocean floor off Isla Mujeres (Island Women). Isla Mujeres is off the Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean north of Cancun. The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC and Jacques Cousteau visited the area to study the sleeping tigers, a phenomena thought to be caused by underwater freshwater rivers from the Yucatan. It is believed the tiger sharks use the fresh water to cleanse their bodies. Cousteau spent several weeks there to study the sharks and the migration of lobsters.

Ramón Bravo established the headquarters for undersea explorations in the area near Akumal. Above is a tribute to Ramón, En Memoria de Ramón Bravo (1925 - 1998).

Above left Ramón Bravo sports one of his catches. Above right he meets with Jacques Ives Cousteau (right) who brought the Calypso to Isla Mujeres.

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