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Manuel Lazcano
Underwater Photographer, Owner of Diventure

Manuel Lazcano has conducted many expeditions around the world: Cocos Island (Costa Rica), Fiji, Silver Banks (Dominican Republic), South Africa, Thailand, Australia, Belize, Palau, Yap, Hawaii, Guam, Mexico, Malaysia, Alaska, Galapagos Islands, Azores Islands (Portugal) Bahamas, Bonaire,

Turk & Caicos, Cuba, Los Roques (Venezuela), San Diego (California).


  • Special prize from the Jury, World Underwater Film Festival.


  • Currently preparing the first underwater expedition in the Sea of Cortes and Isla Guadalupe on a submarine traveling at 400 meters deep, Jatay Expedition.

  • Production and underwater photography for Ashes & Snow of Gregory Colbert.


  • Project ECO for ING, awarded at the International Mediterranean U/W Film Festival.


  • Submarine production for Budweiser TV commercial.

  • Special Prize in 30th the International Submarine Film Festival in San Sebastian, Spain.

  • First place in professional video category on the 2nd. International Festival of East Mediterranean Photograph and Submarine Video in Cyprus.


  • First place color photography at the University Festival of Underwater Imaging in Antibes, France, competing 55 countries and 300 photographers.

  • Performing in 5 capsules for Discovery Channel in Mexico, Latin America and Spain.

  • Expo Odisea Marina in Las Rejas del Bosque de Chapultepec in Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City. www.odiseamarina.com


  • Underwater Logistics in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California for Best Picture Show of John Staiton producer of "Crocodile Hunter".


  • Production, direction and development of television spots for Greenpeace of Gray Whales in Baja California Sur. Campaign for Whale Sanctuary.


  • Director of "Expl?alo?, www.alo.com/exploralo an Internet channel dedicated to extreme sports, travel and adventure.

  • Director of the "Mexican Skydiving Record 2001", filmed in Perris Valley, CA, USA.


  • Producer of 13 television programs for Antena 3 Television of Spain. Programs: Africa, Portugal, Hawaii, Micronezia, Belize, Palau, Cozumel, Baja California, Veracruz, Mexico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Portugal and the Azores, white shark, Durban South Africa, Hawaii, Palau, Yap and Belize.


  • Historical Society Diving in Mexico - Appointed President by Jean Michel Cousteau (November).

  • Film Festival in San Sebastian, Spain with the film "The Sea of my grandparents' - Special award (April).

  • Film Festival Submarine Elba, Italy - First Place (September)

  • Contribution in Project Scope with Jean Michel Cousteau.

  • Participation with Televisa, in the programs: El Privilegio de Amar, El Diario de Daniela and La Casa de la Playa.


  • Participation in the World Festival of Underwater Image in Antibes, France with the invitation of Jean Michel Cousteau with a short film in Betacam SP format, being among the top 10.

  • Exhibition of photographs and video, at the Lisbon Expo'98, inside Mexico's Pavillion.


  • Logistic and Direction of Underwater Photography in the following promotional items for Televisa: Cenotes in Yucatan, Baja California Gray Whale and Palancar Reef, Quintana Roo.


  • Instructor of Nitrox and rebreathers (Technical Diving TDI) Instructor # 949.

  • Underwater camera with the record for 130 meters in Baja California Sur from Pepin Ferreras.

  • Underwater Production record of 133 meters in Baja California Sur from Pepin Ferreras.

  • Special program Rebeca de Alba and the Dolphins.


  • Program "Azul" (100 chapters), pictures of the Orca "Keiko."

  • TV Commercials for PEMEX, Fiesta Americana and Corona.

  • Edition of the book "Between Seas" with sets of underwater photography presentation by Jean Michel Cousteau, 500 thousand copies are sold to Telefonos de Mexico and Inbursa.


  • Picture set for Jean Michel Cousteau.

  • House to Jean Michel Cousteau "Save the Paradise."

  • Images for "60 Minutes":
    - The Rights of the Dolphin.
    - Los Cabos
    - King of the Seas
    - Upper Gulf of California
    - Reefs
    - A Sanctuary of Ice
    - Saving Paradise
    - Extraordinary Phenomena of Nature
    - Mexico loves Whales
    - Revillagigedo's Archipelago


  • First place, National Prize for Underwater Photography.

  • Several videos. Clips for programs like ECO.

  • Video clips: Alejandra Guzman, Emmanuel, Kabah and Ana Gabriel.


  • First place, National Prize for Underwater Photography.


  • Instructor of the Elite Rescue Group of the Mexican Army.


  • Instructor of the Police Rescue Squad and Transit (ERUM).


  • Certification as Instructor Scuba Diving "PADI" (more than 1,000 students).


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