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Keith Cooper
Diver and Ecological Conservationist

Keith G. Cooper a native of the Bahamas is currently serving as Director of Sales & Marketing for the International Underwater Explorers Society

(UNEXSO) on Grand Bahama Island. Mr. Cooper is a 28 year veteran of the hospitality industry and an avid scuba diver, ecological conservationist, and sport fisherman.

A former resident of Florida, Mr. Cooper served in the U.S. Army as an enlisted soldier and the U.S Air Force Reserve as an airman. Upon receiving an honorable discharge from the military he quickly secured a position at one of the largest travel companies in the U.S. " Liberty Travel/GOGO Worldwide Vacations. Having traveled extensively to Asia, Europe, North and Central America and a number of Caribbean islands Mr. Cooper's love for the ocean perked

Keith G. Cooper

his interest in scuba diving and quickly earned his dive certifications up to Rescue Diver level in 1986.

Mr. Cooper has secured his place in the history of Grand Bahama scuba diving by securing two notable events for the first time ever held in the Islands of The Bahamas. The International Legends of Diving (ILD) led by Jeff R. Rice and headquartered in Bowling Green, Ohio is an event honoring scuba diving pioneers who contributed to the sport and The National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS) founded by Fulbright Scholar Dr. A. Jose Jones. Each of these organizations hosted more than 120 scuba divers and their guests " The ILD was held April 2009 and the NABS event in November 2009.

Prior to joining UNEXSO, Mr. Cooper held sales and marketing positions at several leading luxury properties in the Bahamas as well as Palm Beach and Orlando, Florida handling corporate, group and leisure market segments for the Historic Gulfstream Hotel, Adams" Mark Hotel and Sheraton World Resort & Spa. He pioneered and created "Island Hoppers Bahamas" that launched the first island hopping vacation program in the Islands of The Bahamas. Mr. Cooper's hotel experience also includes director of resort sales at Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour " West End, Grand Bahama; general manager at the Fortune Place Resort in Kissimmee, Florida; sales and management positions at Lib/GO Travel, Alamo Rent-A-Car, and staff analysis and training positions at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

One of Mr. Coopers" passions is eco-conservation and has worked with residents of West End and U.S. based environmental organizations to provide educational outreach programs for the community and school age children. Another program that Mr. Cooper started is the West End Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program. This program primary focus is on the personal development of the youth as they mature through adolescence. The youth also started a Lap Top Donation Program to aide them in the use of their schoolwork and to become proficient users of computers before they enter college or workforce. Both U.S. companies and Grand Bahama business community support the program by recycling used lap tops and personal computers that are donated to the organization.

Mr. Cooper is an active member of the community assisting the West End Police Department " "Neighborhood Kids Fishing Camp" as a mentor working with children to teach them basic swimming and fishing techniques while instilling important disciplines of respect and self esteem. He serves on the West Grand Bahama Tourism Committee which was created by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to spur on tourism related business programs within the local villages and settlements in the area. He is a graduate of Northwood University, West Palm Beach, Florida. Cooper was a 2005 finalist in the prestigious CACIQUE Tourism Awards held annually in the Bahamas. Currently, Mr. Cooper along with his wife Linda and their pets "Tona" a "potcake" dog and a Himalayan cat Aristotle "Arie" reside in West End, Grand Bahama Island.

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