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Jeremiah Sullivan
Founder of SharkArmor Tech launched 2013 and creator of the Neptunic Brand 1978-2012

During the early fifties in Hawaii Jeremiah learned to swim underwater before
Into the blue - Jeremiah Sullivan
he could swim at the surface. Little topside could hold his attention when he was in the water. He began work in the early 70's as a resident naturalist, director of Marine Programs, critical marine landings operations specialist, expedition consultant and divemaster in the world's most remote areas aboard the legendary expedition ship MV Lindblad Explorer. He later consulted with other early Eco-adventure travel companies on remote parts of the world.

Areas of extensive experience:

  • Northern Polar regions include; Alaska and Bering Sea, Greenland, Hudson Bay, Northwest Territories.
  • South Polar Regions include; The Antarctic Peninsula, most Sub Antarctic islands.
  • Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Indonesia, New Guinea to the Galapagos, etc.
  • Bay of Bengal, Andaman Islands, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Aldabra, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion.
  • East, Central and South Africa.
  • Most of South America including Tierra del Fuego, the Amazon etc.
  • The Caribbean, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, India, China, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Burma.

Jeremiah and Mike Rowe having some fun in the Bahamas
An individual of diverse interests, Jeremiah has always maintained parallel careers in both art and science. In addition to his well-known work with sharks and development of specialized safety gear, Jeremiah is a renowned photographer, inventor, public speaker and consultant (www.jeremiahsullivan.com). He continues to campaign for
SharkArmor - www.sharksuits.com
accuracy and relevant information about sharks in the media, work in remote areas of the world on the leading edge of the Eco-Adventure industry and is deeply involved in environmental issues globally, both above and below the surface of water.

Jeremiah's new company, SharkArmor Tech LLC, based in San Diego California represents 35 years of extending survivability and protecting professional, commercial, military and sport divers who must work or dive in hazardous conditions. His
Jeremiah's Nassau Office
team develops (according to professionals familiar with his new work) "revolutionary" protective solutions designed to protect bodies and equipment for action oriented sports and activities including the dive, surf, industrial, public safety and military markets.

For more information please contact: Jeremiah Sullivan SharkArmor Tech LLC San Diego, California 619 750 5193 - direct jeremiah@sharksuits.com www.sharksuits.com www.jeremiahsullivan.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2837914/resume SharkArmor Site

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