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Glen H. Egstrom,
 Ph.D B.S. UND 1950
Professor (Emeritus)

Perspective and
Risk Management

Glen H. Egstrom, Ph.D
UCLA Dive Physiology Researcher

Teaching responsibilities at UCLA and during Diving Medical courses in the past 50 years have included courses and graduate seminars in applied anatomy, exercise physiology, underwater physiology, environmental physiology, aquatic kinesiology, biomechanical analysis and conditioning for optimal performances. As campus Diving Officer between 1964 and 1992 he also operated a major recreational and scientific scuba diving training program at UCLA and is currently a member of the UCLA Diving Control Board. As Director of the Underwater Kinesiology Laboratory he continues as the Principal Investigator for the Diving Safety Research Project and other aquatic safety studies.


Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, Member since 1970. Secretary 1976, Executive Board 1974 1980. Diving Safety Lecture Panel since 1980. ad.hoc. Diving Safety Committee 1989 1997.
American College of Sports Medicine, Fellow since 1962, Emeritus 2003.
Human Factors Society, Member 1985 to lifetime
South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society, Member 1980 to 1996.
National Association of Underwater Instructors, President 1970 1975, Chairman of Advisory Board 1975 1982, Member Advisory Board 1975 1995, Instructor Trainer 1966 date, Member 1966 to lifetime.
Los Angeles County Underwater Instructors Association, President 1967 1970, Member 1964 1976. Inactive Member 1977 to date. Board of Directors 2002.
Marine Technology Society, Member 1970 1984.
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation 1949 - 2002. Aquatics Council, Safety Education Division.
California Academy of Underwater Sciences, Executive Committee 1980 1986. Member 1980 1990.
American Academy of Underwater Sciences, Executive Committee 1980 1990, President 1989. Member 1980 lifetime.
Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics, Member 1981 to 1996. Appointed National Advisory Committee on Aquatic Safety, 1986 to 1996. Board of Directors and Board of Governors 1994- 1996.
Historical Diving Society USA, member 1996 to date


Conrad Limbaugh Award, Los Angeles County Underwater Association, 1966.
The Underwater Society of America NOGI Award for Distinguished Service in 1969 and Science in 1982.
The Los Angeles County Underwater Safety Award in 1974.
Selected as the Our World Underwater Man of The Year 1974.
NAUI Outstanding Contribution to Diving Award, 1978.
NAUI Leonard Greenstone Diving Safety Award, 1976.
Los Angeles County Distinguished Service Award, 1980.
NAUI Distinguished Service Award, 1981 and 1982.Inducted into NAUI Hall of Fame, 1984.
Oceaneering Intl. Award Undersea Medical Society, 1985.
Diving Equipment Manufacturers Assn. Reaching Out Award for Diving Safety Education, 1988. Inducted into DEMA Hall of Fame.
Los Angeles County Underwater Instructors Association Founders Award, 1991.
Channel Islands Council of Divers First Annual Education and Diving Safety Award, 1993.
DAN Rolex Diver of the Year 1994
Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics, National Honor Award 1994
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Craig Hoffman Memorial Award, 1995
NAUI Hall of Honor " inaugural inductee 2000
Southern California Pool Operators Association Award
American Academy of Underwater Sciences Service award 2001
Los Angeles County Underwater Instructors Association Outstanding Instructor 2001
NAUI Lifetime Achievement Award 2002
American Academy of Underwater Sciences Conrad Limbaugh Memorial Award for Leadership in Scientific Diving 2003


U.S. Army Honorable Discharge 26 July 1965, rank of Major, Artillery. Active duty 5/51 " 10/53. Korean Veteran


Course Director or Training Director for 36 underwater instructor courses and special courses on recent development in equipment for underwater work.
Over 1000 public lectures since 1955.
Research Scientist with Naval Medical Research Institute 1975 to Oct. 1988. Environmental Stress Program.
Served on staff of 52 diving and aquatic medicine courses for physicians, worldwide. Continuing Medical Education for physicians. Medical Seminars, Inc., South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society, Undersea Medical Society, Duke University, Divers Alert Network, Temple University, University of California, San Francisco, International Society of Aquatic Medicine & others
Los Angeles County Sheriff Reserve, Captain, Marine Company 218, Los Angeles Aquatic Search and Rescue. 1970 -
retired 12/98. Appointed as the LACO Sheriff's Department Diving Safety Officer 12/98 to 4/1/04.
Los Angeles County Beach Advisory Board, 1972-75, Vice Chairman 1975
Member National SCUBA Advisory Committee 1976 1982.
Member Executive Committee California Advisory Group On Scientific and Technical Diving 1977 to 1980.
Member State of California Metric Conversion Council 1978 1983.
Board of Directors Our World Underwater Scholarship Society 1972 to date. Chairman of the Board 1983 1987, 1999 " 2000, 2004 " 2005, 2006 -2007 .
Water Safety Instructor and/or Instructor Trainer in Life Saving and First Aid 1946 1976. Active lecturer to public safety groups 1960 to date.
National Swimming Pool Safety Committee, 1987 to 1997. Research Committee Chair 1987 1991, Steering Committee 1988 to 1992.
National Association for Search and Rescue, 1988 to 1995. Diving and Water Rescue Committee Diving Safety Advisor.
California Public Safety Divers Association 1989 1993.
Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America, SCUBA Diving Resource Group 1990 1995.
Board of Advisors NAUI Canada 1980 1994
International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists 1994 to2000.
Divers Alert Network (DAN) Board of Directors 1994 to 1998.
National Science Foundation, Division of Polar Programs. Appointed member of the Diving Control Board, 1993 - 2004.


Principal Investigator in a 6 year study for the Office of Naval Research, involving underwater work tolerance. These studies follow the development of underater work measement techniques over a period of several years. Work on the quantification of diver stress and related decrements has been the primary objective.

Principal Investigator on a NOAA Sea Grant to inventory the underwater recreational resources of the Los Angeles County coastline. This underwater work project involved over 2000 hours of diving each year by the diving team. During this work he also served as a member of the Los Angeles County Beach Advisory Board.

Principal Investigator for the UCLA Diving Safety Research Project since 1973 for the evaluation of diving equipment, emergency procedures and training methods. This continuing project also includes studies of recreational aquatic safety.

Director of the Underwater Kinesiology Laboratory at UCLA 1965 to 2000. Aquatic Kinesiology studies on lift and drag characteristics, water entry procedures, stroke mechanics, fluid balance in swimmers and ergometry are currently active.

Principal Investigator Study Awards, National Swimming Pool Foundation. "Alcohol and Diving Performance", "A Review of the Literature on the Effects of Alcohol as they relate to Aquatic Skills such as Diving Headfirst into Shallow Water." and "Effects of Lift and Drag Components on Diving in Shallow Water."


Consulted at various times with the following groups on diving equipment evaluation during the period 1966 to date: Dacor Inc, Scubapro Inc., US Divers,Inc., Farallon Industries, Healthways Inc., Litton Industries, Hyco International, U.S. Navy, NOAA Manned Undersea Science and Technology Office, Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, TEKNA and S TRON Inc. & others.
Underwater Weightless Simulations Douglas Aircraft, 1966 1967.
Ergometry in Weightless Conditions Space Labs, Inc. 1967.
Underwater Physiologic Monitoring Webb Associates, 1967.
High Altitude Decompression Tables U.S. Divers Corp., 1971.
Experimental Program Eniwetok Atoll U.S. Naval Ordinance Center, 1968.
Purification Systems for Compressed Air Blair Martin Co. 1968.
Chairman of Safety Committee Commercial Diving Center, 1973.
Commercial Diving Center\College of Oceaneering diving fitness, physiology,environmental effects 1970 1989.
Manned Underwater Activities National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineers, 1972.
Marine Advisory Board Orange Coast College Marine Technician Program, 1972 1973.
Work Tolerance, Equipment Evaluation, Underwater Work Measurement " Office of Naval Research, 1969 1974.
Underwater Work Performance Underwater Construction Project.SeaLab III Office of Naval Research, 1968.
Underwater Work Performance Makai Range, U.S. Navy, 1970 and 1971 Saturation Studies.
Research and Development Programs U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Programs Kaniohe Bay, Hawaii, 1970.
Commercial Diving Training Program California Institute for Men, Chino, 1972 1973.
Appointment to U.S. Japan Joint Diving Physiology and Technology Panel, U.S. Department of Commerce NOAA, 1972 1983.
NOAA Civilian Diving Manual, contributor 1977, 1979, 1992, and 2001editions.
Performance Research, Failure Analysis Associates, 1975 85.
Comparison of U.S. Navy MK V MK XII Diving Systems NMRI Behavioral Sciences Lab, 1973 1975 Laboratory and Field Tests.
Chairman Cognitive and Psychomotor Performance Section for National Plan for Health & Safety of Divers, 1976.
Mark XII Diving System, Experimental Diving Unit, 1975 1976.
Development of Standardized Assessment of Underwater Performance Workshop 1 (1975) & II (1976) U.S.Navy Sponsor
Association of Scientific Advisors, Aquatics, 1977 1998.
Los Angeles County Interagency SCUBA committee review panel for diving accidents 1975 date. (Sheriff\Medical Examiner\Lifeguards & others)
Medical Seminars Inc. Faculty member for courses on continuing medical education in the area of aquatic safety and diving. 1978 " 2002
NASA member of a four member consulting team at Johnson Space Flight Center, 1987, Underwater simulation facility and the issue of decompression requirements.
Nihon Kenko Zoushin Kenkyukai Corp. Honorary International Vice Chairman of the Board. 1993-1999. Health and Fitness consultant.
Life Sciences Research Corp. Honorary International Chairman of the Board 2003
Consulting Services have been provided to legal firms and representatives on case by case basis since 1956.


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