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Edward C. Cargile
Research Diver With Full Background

Ed Cargile successfully combined engineering, management, marketing and communications to provide services as a company executive, program manager, project engineer, deep submersible pilot, and commercial and military diver. His communication skills include being a writer, newsletter and magazine editor/publisher, still photographer, video cameraman, video and film producer, and lecturer.

He has considerable experience in several different areas --- ocean technology, electronics, computers, plastics, medical and health care, real estate and others.

Edward C. Cargile was born on November 28, 1939 in San Diego. Cargile

started is life-time experience in diving and the ocean at a young age in 1952. He grew up in Imperial Beach, CA, south of San Diego. Cargile was in the water of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego Bay and the Tijuana Sloughs every moment possible. At the time, the Tijuana Sloughs were pristine and clear. He started underwater photography with good friend Ron Church in 1953 off La Jolla and Mexico.

In the early years of diving, Cargile designed and built most of his own diving and underwater photography equipment.

He went into the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves during high school, going on Active Duty after he graduated. Cargile started college while still in the Marine Corps. He transferred to the Marine Corps Active Reserves

while he attended college full time at San Diego City College. He graduated with an A.A. Degree in Science from San Diego City College in 1960.

Cargile enrolled at San Diego State University, majoring in Physics, with minors in Math and Chemistry.

Early in college, Cargile was a Lifeguard at La Jolla Shores, near Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where he dove with several ocean research groups.

Later in college Cargile was a Test Engineer for San Diego Gas & Electric Company, a Test Engineer for General Dynamics Astronautics on the Atlas/Centaur Missiles, and a member of the Atlas/Mercury Launch Team.

At the end of his fourth year at San Diego State University, he was recalled to Active Duty in the Marine Corps for the Cuban Missile Crisis and became a member of Marine Force Recon. Part of his training was going through modified U.S. Navy UDT Training. Since then, he has gained considerable additional military, commercial and scientific diver training and experience.

As a civilian in 1963, he became a Research Engineer on the Apollo Spacecraft for the Space Division of North American Aviation (which became North American Rockwell and then Rockwell International).

Cargile completed his B.S. Degree in Physics in 1963 at North American University.

In 1964 Cargile was appointed Engineering Supervisor at Rockwell International, in charge of the Apollo Test Data Processing Unit. This included all Apollo Spacecraft testing, data acquisition, processing, presentation, and storage. The experience was later the basis for technology transfer to the ocean industry.

He continued his education, earning a Masters Degree in Systems Management in 1965 from North American University. This Masters Degree Program was related to the Apollo Program, NASA and UCLA.

His secondary responsibility at Rockwell International was doing most of the diving and underwater equipment testing, and being the Corporate Diving Officer.

Cargile’s diving and engineering testing at Rockwell International included the U.S. Navy Target Torpedo System, ASW Weapon Systems, UDT/SEAL Team Diver Transport Vehicles, Diver Ergonomic Test Studies, Mixed-Gas Breathing Systems, Diver Sonar and Pinger Navigation Systems, plus several other classified projects.

Throughout his engineering career, Cargile continued diving, perfecting his underwater photography skills, designing and building diving and underwater photo equipment, and gaining additional diver training.
While at Rockwell International, Cargile’s diver training included Air and Mixed-Gas Diving at the Underwater Technology Institute, and several military and commercial diver programs.

He was an early Diving Instructor with PADI, NASDS and CMAS. For many years Cargile has also been a Commercial Diving Instructor and Military Diving Instructor in various underwater specialties.

When Rockwell International formed the Ocean Systems Operations Division during the mid-1960s, Cargile was asked to join. He was in the Ocean Sciences Department headed by Dr. Andy Rechnitzer. Other members in the Ocean Sciences Department included --- Dr. John Radbill (CalTech graduate and computer programmer), Dr. Bob Ballard (before he led the team to discover the Titanic), Dr. Tony Christianson (who designed several of the Scubapro diving regulators) and Dr. Dick Terry (USC graduate and noted marine geologist).

Cargile was on assignment from Rockwell International to the U.S. Navy UDT/SEAL Teams in 1967-1968. He was an operational member of an 8-man Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) UDT/SEAL Team. The RDT&E Team was organized to test and evaluate the latest underwater systems and equipment, develop advanced underwater combat techniques, and conduct diver performance and physiology studies.

In addition to Cargile being a diving member of the 8-man RDT&E Team, he was responsible for engineering modifications of existing systems, designing new diving equipment for combat in Vietnam, and writing engineering reports. Dr. Bill Vaughn was doing diver performance studies on the RDT&E Team. Cargile worked with Dr. Vaughn in obtaining the diver and vehicle data.

Upon returning to the Ocean Systems Operations Division of Rockwell International, Cargile and fellow diver Jack Harris (UDT Chief, Retired) co-authored the Combat Swimmer Delivery Vehicle Development, 1939-1967 for the Commander, Naval Operations Support Group, Pacific. This recently declassified report was featured in the UDT-SEAL Association magazine, The Blast.

He trained U.S. Navy UDT personnel in the recovery of the Apollo Spacecraft, which Rockwell International designed and developed.

Cargile was Project Engineer, Test Diver and Corporate Diving Officer. He was responsible for all the company divers and the Diving Locker at the Rockwell International Catalina Island Facility near the USC Ocean Research Laboratory. Cargile wrote the Rockwell International Diving Manual.

He became the Test Diver and Project Engineer on the diver transport vehicles developed by Rockwell International. These large underwater vehicles have been used for scientific research, commercial diving, and the UDT and SEAL Teams. Cargile was also a Diving Engineer during tests on several other ocean system projects for the company and the U.S. Navy.

Cargile was Pilot, Lockout Diver and Diving Officer on the undersea research deep submersible Beaver IV for Rockwell International. Beaver IV was launched in September 1968. Christening of Beaver IV was by Nancy Reagan (when Ronald Reagan was Governor of California, before he became the U.S. President).

Beaver IV was an advanced deep submersible that could dive to 2,000 feet and lockout mixed-gas breathing saturation divers to 1,000 feet. Beaver IV could mate with an underwater capsule developed by Mobil Oil for seafloor oil completion systems to depths of 2,000 feet. Cargile was the Transfer Engineer from Beaver IV to the Underwater Mating Capsule.

Beaver IV could also mate with U.S. Navy submarines and undersea habitats like Sealab III down to 2,000 feet. This was in support of the Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) and the underwater habitat Sealab III. If Rockwell International had won the DSRV Contract, Cargile was the designated DSRV Submersible Test Pilot for Rockwell International.

Cargile was Pilot of two other deep submersibles, the Submaray and Paulo I (later renamed the Sea Otter)

He became Director of the Underwater Technology Institute (UTI) in 1970. UTI trained over 1,400 commercial deep sea divers per year. In addition to management of the Institute, he taught several advanced diving programs, underwater photography and television, deep submersibles and undersea habitats.

In 1971 Cargile became Editor of Aquarius Magazine for the National Association of Scuba Diving Schools (NASDS). He was also Editor of NASDS publication, Diving Dealer & Professional Instructor. Cargile wrote many articles for the two publications. He also conducted training seminars in diving equipment and marketing approaches for NASDS.

He was appointed Program Manager of the NAUI Diving Association and Editor/Publisher of Diving World Magazine for NAUI in 1972. Cargile was responsible for organizing the NAUI Diving Association, planning and promoting technical conferences, and making presentations representing NAUI. This included a series of NAUI Conferences in the U.S. and Canada.

Cargile became Deputy Director of Bell/Saturation Diving for the Commercial Diving Center (CDC) of Oceaneering International in 1974. He was responsible for planning and writing training procedures, and diving bell and saturation diving operations. As part of the diver training program, Cargile taught several courses in saturation diving, diving bell systems, undersea habitats, deep submersibles, diver lockout vehicles, underwater welding and cutting, and underwater photography and television.

While at the CDC Division of Oceaneering International, Cargile also did considerable exchange work with the U.S. Navy deep saturation diving programs, sharing knowledge and diving techniques on commercial diving bell systems, and participating in military diver training programs and operations.

In 1988, Cargile became Engineering Planning & Communications Director at Scubapro. In this position, Cargile developed all engineering and corporate planning. He wrote management strategy and market research reports, test reports and engineering documentation. Cargile provided underwater photography. He was Senior Test Diver on all equipment designed, developed and manufactured by Scubapro. Cargile did corporate marketing strategy planning, advertising copywriting and was Editor/Publisher of the company newsletter, Scubaprose.

He became Director of Communications for the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) in 1993. Cargile was responsible for DEMA Project Management, writing newsletters, news releases and market research reports, and management of marketing for the annual DEMA Trade Show (the largest diving show in the world). During the DEMA Trade Show, Cargile was responsible for all media. At his last DEMA Trade Show, 368 media representatives were in attendance. He also conducted Press Conferences.

Cargile was Technical Director of C&W Diving Services (a commercial diving company in San Diego). He led a team from C&W Diving to the Navy Supervisor of Salvage in Washington, DC, as part of the company’s contract bidding on the NAVSEA Emergency Search, Salvage and Repair of Navy vessels and aircraft. Cargile did the writing and most of the photography for the company’s website, and several proposals.

In 1997, Cargile became President and CEO of SeaMag, Inc. The company designed, developed, manufactured and marketed underwater still photography and video equipment. This included the 260-Shot ProMag Film Back for the Nikonos V Camera. Cargile was involved in the ProMag engineering, manufacturing, test diving and marketing. SeaMag did considerable design and development on other underwater photo and video equipment. Cargile was responsible for overall management, engineering design, in-water testing, documentation and marketing. He did all of the company technical writing, marketing and advertising copywriting, and photography.

In 1999 Cargile became President and CEO of two companies --- Bio Sea International (which provides specialized commercial diving services in various parts of the world and develops unique diving equipment to solve specific problems); and --- Multimedia Dynamics (a communications company, including publishing, photography, television and video production, and information data acquisition and reporting).

Cargile developed and wrote the content copy for a new computer Internet website … www.OceanScienceAndTechnology.com. This website and newsletter will be operational soon.

For over 45 years Cargile has been involved in several aspects of ocean technology, such as a Equipment Designer and Tester, Military Diver, Commercial Deep Sea Diver, Test Diver, Deep Saturation Diver, Diving Officer and Supervisor, Underwater Photographer and Underwater Videographer.

He has been a Test Subject on diving equipment and physiology testing programs for the U.S. Navy UDT and SEAL Teams, Rockwell International, UCLA, USC, Acurex/Aerotherm Corporation and other organizations.

Since the early 1950s, Cargile continued equipment design, development and testing. This has been for military SpecOps Units, commercial diving

companies, manufacturing companies and his own use. Using his engineering expertise, Cargile designed, co-designed, test dived and/or was systems engineer on several diving systems --- MK VI Semi-Closed Circuit Mixed-Gas System (U.S. Navy SEAL Teams and Rockwell International); Electronic Systems, Diver Mixed-Gas Breathing and Heating Systems on the deep submersible Beaver IV (Rockwell International); Diver Transport Vehicles (Rockwell International and U.S. Navy SEAL Teams); Mixed-Gas Heating System (Taylor Diving & Salvage); Underwater Habitat System (Whittaker Corporation); IMAX Camera Underwater Housing (Seacor, Inc.); Diving Bell Systems (Taylor Diving & Salvage and Oceaneering International); ProMag 260-Shot Film Back (SeaMag, Inc.); Saturation Diving and Salvage System (Orange Grove Development Corporation); Diver Decompression System (Lockheed Martin); Parachute Freefall Team Tracking System (Metric Systems Corporation and U.S. Navy SEAL Teams); NeuroThera Laser Systems (PhotoThera, Inc.); plus other types of equipment.

He has designed, developed, written and/or photographed for several computer websites, including www.RonChurch.com, www.auas-nogi.org, www.CWDiving.com, www.mts-sandiego.org, www.ZMicroSystems.com, and www.OceanScienceAndTechnology.com.

Cargile has written over 1,850 published articles. Some of the publications his articles have appeared include … Aquarius (National Association of Scuba Diving Schools, NASDS), The Blast (UDT-SEAL Association), Boy’s Life, Career & The Handicapped, Compressed Air, Current Events, DEMA Reports (Diving Equipment and Marketing Association, DEMA), Deep Submersible Pilots Association Newsletter, Dive Diving Dealer & Professional Instructor (National Association of Scuba Diving Schools, NASDS), Diving Spirits, Diving World - 1 (NAUI), Diving World – 2, Elks Magazine, Equal Opportunity, Face Plate (U.S. Navy Supervisor of Salvage), Fire In The Hole (UDT-SEAL Museum), Historical Diver (Historical Diving Society – USA), Historical Diving Times (Historical Diving Society – UK), Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Immersed, Lamplighter, NDA News (NAUI), NAUI News (National Association of Underwater Instructors, NAUI), Ocean News & Technology, Ocean Patent News, Offshore, PEN, Science Digest, Scubaprose (Scubapro), Skin Diver, Shoplifting Prevention, The Slate (American Academy of Underwater Sciences), Sport Diver, The Toastmaster (Toastmasters International), and other publications.

His published writing has also included articles and advertising copywriting as content on several Internet websites.

He was Editor/Publisher of two 4-color diving magazines (Aquarius Magazine and Diving World Magazine). Cargile has also been Editor/Publisher of 19 newsletters --- including Ocean Patent News, Diving Dealer & Professional Instructor, NDA News, Scubaprose, DEMA Reports, Ocean Currents (Ocean Futures), Deep Submersible Pilots Association Newsletter (since 1995), Flagship (Marine Technology Society, San Diego) and the Ocean Science And Technology Newsletter.

Cargile developed Memorial CD-ROM Scrapbooks, including for Paul Tzimoulis (Editor/Publisher of Skin Diver Magazine), Dr. Andy Rechnitzer (Director of Ocean Science at Rockwell International) and Gene Goycochea (a high school friend).

Since 1963 Cargile has been an Advertising Copywriter and Technical Writer. His Advertising Copywriting experience includes brochures, sales letters, news releases, catalogs, plus other marketing and sales materials. As a Technical Writer, he has written hundreds of engineering spec sheets, technical manuals, operation manuals, manufacturing instructions and other technical documents. For all of these documents, he has supplied his photographic expertise.

He has written many white papers and speeches. Cargile also conducted and participated in a number Press Conferences.

Cargile wrote several books, including the Rockwell Diving Manual, The USC Diving Safety Manual (Cargile co-authored with Dr. Bob Given, USC Diving Safety Officer), My Undersea Office, Diving Scientist (a biography) … Dr. Andy Rechnitzer, Ron Church (Capt. Don Walsh, Ph.D. wrote the Forward)… Photographer Extraordinary (Chuck Nicklin wrote the Forward), God’s Beautiful Ocean, Developing Ideas & Inventions, Is The Cop Dead Yet?, and Pioneers In Underwater Photography.

He authored the milestone book Pioneers In Diving (Capt. Andy Rechnitzer wrote the Forward). Edition 1 of Pioneers In Diving was 1,100. He is finishing Edition 2 of Pioneers In Diving, which looks to be over 2,850 pages.

Most of these books will be available through his website (www.OceanScienceAndTechnology.com). This website provides a wealth of free articles on various subjects concerning the ocean. Sign-up for the free Ocean Science And Technology Newsletter can also be done at the website.

His writing and photography contributions to other books include the NOAA Diving Manual, Scuba Diving: Safe & Simple and others. Cargile wrote 27 computer hardware and software manuals, and numerous technical manuals for various companies.

Cargile’s management and marketing writing includes 139 Strategy Plans, Business Plans, Market Research Reports and Marketing Plans. He has written numerous Operational Procedures, Equipment User Manuals, Test Plans, Project Proposals and Computer Websites.

Over the years, his photos appeared in hundreds of publications, annual reports, books, technical reports, magazine advertisements, brochures, catalogs and many other uses. His cinematography and video footage (surface and underwater) has been used extensively. Cargile’s personal Image Library includes over 24,650 photos.

For many years Cargile has conducted Underwater Photography Courses and Seminars in various parts of the world, including Monterey, CA; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Catalina, CA; San Diego, CA; Department of Interior, Hoover Dam, NV; Key Largo, FL; U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, Coronado, CA; Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; University of Maryland; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia; Singapore; Tokyo, Japan; and Hawaii.

He taught photography classes for the Newport School of Photography, the Ron Church School of Photography, National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and the National Association of Scuba Diving Schools (NASDS).

In 1999, Cargile filmed and produced the first large-screen projection video for the Reaching Out Awards presented by DEMA in New Orleans.

His production experience includes over 36 large-screen multi-image shows, including This Is Toastmasters, God’s Beautiful Ocean, Ocean Science and Technology, UDT/SEAL Teams, and others. These multi-image shows included 6 to 18 slide projectors, 2 movie projectors, dissolve units, stereo music, and narration, all computer-controlled and projected on a large screen.

Cargile worked with Ron Church, Mick Church and John Skadberg at Seacor, Inc. in designing and building the IMAX Camera Housing. They then shot and edited the first underwater IMAX film on sea otters for the U.S. State Department for the World Exposition in 1974.

He wrote several shooting scripts for multi-image, film and video.

After writing several published articles about the undersea bathyscaph Trieste, Cargile researched and proposed a television program about the Trieste and her record-setting deep dive to 35,800 feet. This was developed into a television show for The History Channel in 2000, called The Deepest Dive. Dr. Andy Rechnitzer was the Technical Director of the Trieste Project and a scientific passenger on Trieste. Dr. Rechnitzer, Ed Cargile and Mike Andrews were Co-Producers on the TV show.

Cargile perfected his public speaking skills through Toastmasters International. He was awarded their highest level of achievement (Distinguished Toastmaster) five times (DTM-5). Cargile was also Toastmasters District Governor of Founders District (the largest District in the world) … responsible for 224 Toastmasters Clubs throughout Southern California, with a volunteer staff of 127. Cargile has lectured across the U.S. and 13 other countries.

He made presentations to numerous conferences around the world. Cargile has been Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies many times. For most of his public speaking, he included slide shows or large-screen, computer-controlled multi-image shows.

In addition, Cargile has been a Management, Marketing and Technical Consultant, and Program Manager for 77 companies, organizations, government agencies and military units in the U.S. and other countries. He headed projects, developed programs and did research on developing natural resources in the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Guatemala and other locations. Along with the technical aspects of the projects, he did considerable project management and marketing.

Throughout his career, Cargile has developed many experiences:

• Associate of Arts Degree in Science
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics (with Math and Chemistry Minors)
• Masters Degree in Systems Management
• Test Engineer (General Dynamics Astronautics)
• Research Engineer (Rockwell International)
• Design, Development and Test Engineer (Rockwell International, U.S., Navy SEAL Team, Whittaker Corporation, Seacor Inc., Oceaneering International, Acurex-Aerotherm, C&W Diving Services, Orange Grove Development Corporation, Orincon Corporation, Lockheed Martin and other groups)
• Transfer Engineer on deep submersible lockout of Beaver IV to Mobil Oil Drilling System at 2,000 feet (Rockwell International)
• Project Engineer (Rockwell International, Taylor Diving & Salvage, and Oceaneering International)
• Engineering Planning & Communications Director (Scubapro)
• Program Manager (C&W Diving Services)

Diving and Deep Submersibles
• Diving since 1952
• Underwater Photographer since 1953
• Commercial and Mixed-Gas Diving Degree (Underwater Technology Institute)
• Member of U.S. Navy UDT/SEAL RDT&E Team
• SDV Pilot (U.S. Navy SEAL Team and Rockwell International)
• Trained U.S. Navy UDT in recovery of Apollo Spacecraft (Rockwell International)
• Commercial Diver and Deep Saturation Diver (several diving companies around the world)
• Test Diver (over 55 scientific, commercial, military, search & rescue, law enforcement and sport organizations)
• Taught diving and underwater photography (scientific, commercial, military and sport) for many organizations and groups throughout the world
• Submersible Pilot, Lockout Diver and Diving Officer (Beaver IV, Rockwell International)
• Submersible Pilot (Submaray and Paulo I/Sea Otter)
• Technical Consultant (several commercial diving companies and military
diving units)

Management and Business
• Engineering Supervisor (Rockwell International)
• Program Manager (Rockwell International, NAUI Diving Association, P.T. Cement Timor and other projects)
• Deputy Director of Bell/Saturation Diving (Commercial Diving Center of Oceaneering International)
• Director (Underwater Technology Institute)
• Director of Communications (DEMA)
• Technical Director (C&W Diving Services)
• Executive Director (Organized Inventors Association)
• President and CEO (SeaMag, Inc.)
• President and CEO (Bio Sea International)
• President and CEO (Multimedia Dynamics)
• Toastmasters District Governor for Southern California (Founders District, Toastmasters International, responsible for 224 Toastmasters Clubs)
• Member of Board of Directors and Board of Advisors, and Officer for 27 companies and associations

• Wrote and developed numerous marketing and sales pieces
• Wrote Website Development Plans (Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences, Ocean Science And Technology and Marine Technology Society)
• Wrote content for and developed websites (Z-Microsystems, Ron Church, C&W Diving, and Ocean Science And Technology)
• Marketing Consultant (many profit companies and non-profit organizations)

• Writer (over 1,850 published articles, many books, manuals, reports, brochures, advertising copywriting, technical writing, Business Plans, Investment Proposals, Strategy Plans and other information)
• Author of Pioneers In Diving (Edition 1 over 1,100 pages, Edition 2 over 2,850 pages)
• Author of several Memorial CD-ROM and DVD Electronic Scrapbooks (Paul Tzimoulis, Dr. Andy Rechnitzer, Gene Goycochea and others)
• Writing and photography contributions to several books
• Editor/Publisher of Aquarius Magazine and Diving Dealer & Professional Instructor Magazines (NASDS)
• Editor/Publisher of Diving World Magazine (NAUI)
• Editor/Publisher of 29 Newsletters and computer Ezines
• Photography Instructor (Newport School of Photography)
• Senior Instructor (Ron Church School of Underwater Photography)
• Underwater Photography Instructor (PADI, NASDS and CMAS)
• Conducted or part of numerous Underwater Photography Seminars
• On first Underwater IMAX Design/Filming/Post-Production Team (Seacor, Inc.)
• Developed and produced 36 large-screen multimedia productions
• Filmed and/or produced several television productions (The History Channel and others)
• Over 24,750 photos in personal Image File
• Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM, 5 times) (Toastmasters International)
• Lectured and Master of Ceremonies across U.S. and in 13 other countries
• All-California High School Band
• San Diego Symphony
• Monterey Jazz Festival
• Marine Corps Composite Band (MCRD, Camp Pendleton and Twenty-Nine Palms)

• Marketing and Technical Consultant (77 companies, organizations, government agencies and military units)

His professional affiliations include membership in … UDT/SEAL Association, UDT/SEAL Museum, U.S. Navy Divers Association, Institute of Diving, Deep Submersible Pilots Association (Editor/Publisher of the DSPA Newsletter), Undersea Medical & Hyperbaric Society, Marine Technology Society (Chairman of the San Diego Section, Editor/Publisher of the MTS Newsletter), Professional Photographers of America, Underwater Photographic Society, Underwater Photographers of America (Vice President), International Oceanographic Foundation, California Wreck Divers, Historical Diving Society USA (Charter Member), Organized Inventors Association (member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director), Toastmasters International (DTM-5 and District Governor), National Speakers Association, Orange County Rescue Center (member of the Board of Directors and General Manager), World Hwarang Do Association (member of the Board of Directors), Express Peace Unlimited (member of the Board of Directors), the Poseidon Academy of Ocean Sciences and Technology (member of the Board of Advisors), Ocean News & Technology (member of the Board of Advisors), Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems (member of the Board of Directors), the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (Vice President and member of the Board of Directors), the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, and the Mel Tari Evangelistic Association (Board of Directors since 1979).

Cargile is listed in Who’s Who In Scuba Diving by the Academy of Marine Sciences and Underwater Research (1993), the Diving Almanac & Yearbook (2008), plus others.

He was on the Advisory Committee of the 40th Anniversary of the Los Angeles County Underwater Instructors Association. At the Association black-tie banquet, Cargile presented awards to Lloyd Bridges and Cdr. Doug Fane.

During his long career, Cargile has received many awards, including earning five Distinguished Toastmaster Awards (DTM-5) and numerous awards, the NOGI Award from the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, the SSI 5000 Award from Scuba Schools International and several others. He has a M.S. Degree in Systems Management and a B.S. Degree in Physics (with a Math and Chemistry Minor) from North American University, and an A.A. Degree in Science from San Diego City College.

Contact: Edward C. Cargile, 2133 Sorrento Drive, Oceanside, 92056. Phone/FAX – (760) 722-1205. Email – ecargile@cox.net. Website – www.OceanScienceAndTechnology.com.

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