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Dr. Cuauhtemoc Sanchez R. “Cuau”
Dive Medical Translator and UHMS Organizer

A physician, professor, author and lecturer based in Mexico, Dr. Sánchez graduated from the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM) School of Medicine in 1983. A certified diver since 1986, he was an international Hyperbaric Fellow at the University of Maryland's R. Adams

Cowley Shock Trauma Center from 1991-1994. While in the United States he voluntarily translated volumes of materials for the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society (UHMS).

Returning to his native Mexico in 1994, he organized the first Latin America chapter of the UHMS. He also guided the Hospital del Pedregal in Mexico City in opening the city's first hyperbaric medicine unit in 1997, where he works as its medical director. In 2000 he developed an accredited Spanish hyperbaric medicine course at UNAM, where he serves as its professor.

Dr. Sánchez volunteered to begin DAN programs in Mexico in 1995. In

1997 he organized a regional office then called DAN-America Mexico to promote DAN membership, training and dive safety programs. He has held presentations on the role of DAN in dive medicine and dive safety and contributed extensively to translating and revising DAN promotional, membership and training materials in Spanish without payment.

In 1999 Dr. Sánchez designed and helped organize the DAN Latin America Dive Emergency Hotline. He recruited Latin America physicians to serve as the hotline's volunteer regional directors and identified chambers and physicians that would provide dive emergency service in Spanish and Portuguese. The regional directors collaborate regularly with DAN America's Medical Services department to handle dive medicine questions and the International Department to promote DAN programs and services in Latin America. Dr. Sánchez currently is director of DAN Mexico and co-executive director of the emergency hotline for DAN Latin America.

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