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  • Ron Taylor, 84 (1934 - 2012) - Australian marine conservationist and shark expert Ron Taylor died on September 9. He was 78 years old.

  • Albert Falco, 84 (1927 - 2012) - Born in Marseilles on 17 October 1927, Albert Falco died last night [Sat, Apr 21, 2012] in Marseille, at the age of 84 years. He had participated in excavations of the Grand Congloué in 1952 before becoming the captain of the Calypso alongside Jacques Cousteau. He defended the sea all his life, this fragile heritage.

  • Charles Richard Blakeslee, 86 (1925 - 2012) - From www.vintagedoublehose.com: "I received Facebook notice from Jeri Blakeslee that her husband of 64 years Chuck died 17 April 2012 from Pneumonia. Chuck was the retired Skin Diver Magazine publisher, an avocado farmer and friend. As a long time subscriber to Skin Diver Magazine I was delighted to meet him and his wife Jeri when I lived in California in the 1970's and have visited them in their retirement in northern California. A true diving pioneer, I'll miss his quiet wisdom and subtle humor."

    Chuck Blakeslee Bio

    Chuck Blakeslee's HDS Speech (2002)

  • Roger Hess, 83 (1936 - 2012) - It is with the heaviest heart I announce to the Southern California diving community that Roger Hess, one of the founding pioneers in California Chartering SCUBA boat diving Industry and very good friend, has passed away this evening at approximately 6:00 PM from lung cancer at the age of 83. Roger had (More)

  • David C. Woodward, 86, passed away Dec. 9, 2011. (1925 - 2011) - Survived by his wife, Grace "Gay" Woodward; daughters, Tanya Knorr of Atlanta, Ga., and Kathi Knox of Boston, Mass.; grandchildren, Elizabeth Harrison and David Knorr of Atlanta; Alicia, Michael, Paul and Beatrice (More)

  • Dr R.W. "Billy Bob" Hamilton Ph. D. (1930 - 2011) - Dr R.W. "Billy Bob" Hamilton Ph. D. died unexpectedly on Sept 16, 2011 of cancer. Dr Hamilton, born on June 6, 1930 in Midland, Texas, was a world renowned physiologist with over 50 years of specialization in diving, aerospace, and environmental physiology. He had an avid interest in decompression, breathing gases, and the effects of pressure. He served as a scientist and director of the world's leading environmental physiology and diving research laboratory at the Union Carbide Research Center in Tarrytown, NY from 1964-1974. He is survived by his wife, Kathryn, and his daughters, Lucy and Sally.

  • Charles "Chuck" Hepp - Charles "Chuck" Joseph Hepp died on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at his home in Klamath Falls in the loving care of close family and friends.

  • Robert Olson - Friday, April 22, 2011: Passed away at 88 years old.

  • Dr. Lambertsen - February 11, 2011: UMS Founding Father Passed Away at 94

  • Jane Russell, Actress (1922-2011) - Jane Russell died at her home February 28, 2011 in Santa Maria, California. She was 89 years old. She starred in one of the first movies showing underwater scenes, called "Underwater" in 1955, a Howard Hughes production.

  • Joyce S. Hayward - Inducted into International Women's Divers Hall of Fame and Great Lakes Maritime historian. Passed away August 26, 2009.

  • Harry Ruscigno, Harry Ruscigno was the founder of Sea Tec/Inflatable systems, was a very active diver, a respected engineer who adapted his talents to the diving world over forty years ago.

  • Norine Rouse, (Nearly three decades guided dives from her Palm Beach Florida Norine Rouse Scuba Club, died at the age of 80).

  • Hugh Bradner, (Inventor of the Wet Suit and Notable Physicist. Died May 8, 2008 at age of 92)

  • Jack Prodanovich, (Daring Diver , Opened Doors for Sport. Died February 7, 2008 at age of 94)

  • Dr. Joe A. Bauer, Jr (Dive historian and notable surgeon, dies 4/3/07)

  • Carl Brashear (First African American U.S. Navy Diver: 1/19/31 to 7/27/06)

  • Bill Meistrell (Diving promoter and wetsuit Body Glove Co-Founder: 7/30/28 to 7/25/06)

  • Ralph Erickson (Co-Founder of PADI: 6/25/22 to 5/25/06)

  • Andreas "Andy" Rechnitzer (Legendary diver proponent of Trieste Project: 11/30/24 - 8/22/05)

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