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Goodbye Jane Russell
By Dan Orr
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When you talk with divers in my age group and ask what first inspired them to get into diving, you are very likely to get a variety of answers. The majority will probably tell you that it was Lloyd Bridges, who played Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt, that brought diving to their black and white television sets each week in the late 1950s and early 1960s. ...What inspired me to become a diver was a movie that pre-dated all of those, and to this day remains my personal favorite. In 1955, a year before The Silent World, I became enthralled with diving after watching Underwater! with Richard Egan, Gilbert Roland and Jane Russell. Yes, the Jane Russell!

...I never had the opportunity to meet Miss Russell, but if I had, I would have personally thanked her for helping a young kid from West Miami and other young men and women realize that diving was much more than just a sport. Because of her and others like her, this new and exciting sport opened up a world of wonder and opportunity leading to many exciting and rewarding vocations and avocations. Every time I see the word 'UNDERWATER' I thank her for showing me the way underwater...

(Our thanks to Dan Orr, Historical dive society - Ed Rochelle Collection)

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